Written by  :  Yeah Right (57)
Written on  :  Mar 09, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars3.4 Stars

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1st Person RPG Classic

The Good

The Bards Tale series was probably as good as it gets for first person RPGs back in the 80s. Like the Wizardry series, Bards Tale is up there as one of the RPG classics.

The Bad

I expected too much from this game by the time I got around to playing it (in the 90s). I never did finish Bards Tale. It just got too redundant and 80s graphics/sound just couldn't hold a candle up to their 90s counterpart anymore. I rarely give up on a RPG game. But I've given up on this one twice already.

The Bottom Line

This was a great game in its own time, but I don't see why any one these days would want to go back to play it except as an archeological endeavor.