Task Force 1942 Credits


Project LeaderLawrence Schick
Game DesignLawrence Schick, Ed Fletcher
Manual TextLawrence Schick
Lead ProgrammerEd Fletcher
Art DirectorMax D. Remington III
3D ObjectsMax D. Remington III
Graphics ProgrammingJohn Paquin
Screen GraphicsMichael Reis, Todd Brizzi, Rawn Martin, Brian Martel
Musical ScoreJeffery L. Briggs, Roland J. Rizzo
3‑D RenderingFrank Vivirito, Michael Reis
Title SequenceFrank Vivirito, Michael Reis
Graphics Assistance Susan Ullrich, Steve Horka, Artino 
Programming AssistanceMichael Springer, Alan Rock, William Loughery
Quality AssuranceMichael Rea, David Ellis, Chris Hewish, Bill Burton, Andy Mazurek, Mick Uhl, Brian Hellesen, David Ginsburg, Frank Brown, Mark Reis, Paul Murphy, Rawn Martin
Director of Publication DesignIris Leigh Idokogi
Manual Design and LayoutJudith Koelbl, Joseph Morel
Manual EditingB. C. Milligan, Paul Murphy, Douglas Kaufman
Package Design Moshe Milich
Product ManagerCarl Knoch
Technical AdvisorWilliam P. Mack
Special Thanks ToDavid R. Scheu, Roger Miller, Brian Hope, Paul Esbensen, Shizuka Takahashi

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159514) and PCGamer77 (3234)