Task Force 1942 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening newsreel-type footage
Page 1 of credits
Main Menu
Choose your side
Choose realism levels
Ship Recognition (aka copy protection!)
Your Campaign briefing - American side
The map - strategic mode
U.S. base at Espiritu Santo
Create air search
Task Force info
U.S. base on Guadalcanal - Henderson Field
Ship Roster
Create Task Groups/Task Force
Select Admiral
Load cargo (marines and supplies)
Select Mission type
Battle initiated!
View From Bridge of the H. Liggett
Battle map - Tactical mode
Tactical mode - zoomed in - ordering column turn
View from Gun Director - A lot of shells in the air!
Smoking, burning, sinking Japanese ship
Japanese ship burning brightly
Post-battle score 1
Post-battle score 2
Post-battle news report!
Post-battle news report 2
Victory! (US wins campaign)
Campaign victory debriefing - US side
Final Score :)