Team F1 Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

The game's title screen is created by an F1 car driving across the top of the screen and leaving letters behind
When the menu screen clears the player is presented with a team selection menu. This is the Benetton team before Schumacher joined Ferrari.
A nice little bonus for the team. Wonder if it generated any extra cash?
This is screen 1 of the game menu. Different areas are activated as the mouse passes over them. The book case shows tables, the race track shows messages, and there are others.
This quite libelous newspaper is displayed when the player selects the 'Messages' option from the main office.
More of the office/menu. The coat leads to the workshop, the calendar stops races, the computer activates the parts market, the bookcase the transfer market and there's more
Moving the cursor to the bottom of the screen triggers the display of messages like this
This is the workshop, accessed via the coat in the main menu. Here the race manager is giving advice for the upcoming race.
The player also gets to set up the car before the driver takes to the test track
The remainder of the office. The safe gives access to the teams finances, the schematics on the noticeboard give access to the development section and the door exits the game.
Selecting the Departure option from the main menu, going out via the big windows, leads to this screen where the player decides what car parts to buy & take to the race.
The player selects an item, here it's tyres, and gets a menu showing what's in stock. All, some, or none van be selected. The fuel truck in the background allows the player to select a supplier.
The next race is in Monte Carlo. Track information like this is displayed when the player leaves for each new race
This is the Monte Carlo race track. There are hotspots for the workshop, tune-up wagon, race tower and of course for race practice. The blue trailer in the lower right is the race office.
In the workshop. The bar across the top shows how the crew are doing in assembling the car. Orders can be given to both the workshop crew foreman (left) and to the tune up guy (right)
Alternatively any part of the car can be removed and replaced. Not much use now but very important as parts wear out during a practice or a race
Individual elements can be fine tuned. Here clicking on the car's gearbox brings such an option to the player's attention.
Going outside to the team trailer allows the player to review their stock of parts.
There's also an alternate view which shows all available stock.
This is the view from the race tower. The computer is a hotspot that shows which teams have been banned from the race. The track information is the same screen that's shown just after departure.
It does not pay to be impatient!
So they're still working on the car and practice starts soon, perhaps I should not have selected 'change cooling system'.
Working on the car takes ages but the player can speed up game play by clicking on the clock in the lower left,
The race office. There's a hot spot for ordering more parts from base and another for ordering more cars. Clicking outside the door activates the external parts market and the megaphone the team talk
The team talk, activated via the megaphone in the race office, allows tactics to be decided. Of course the assumption, as in real life, is that the drivers will do as they are told!
The team talk menu also allows pit stops to be decided
The external parts market where additional parts can be bought. The screen is a series of icons, clicking on one, such as the cooling icon in this case, brings up a list of what's available.
The workshop crew is finally finished and this is how the tune up guy recommends the car is set up.
This is the pit crew screen where the player can engage in further tinkering.