Tempest 2000 Credits (DOS)

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Tempest 2000 Credits


Original Game Designed ByDavid Theurer
Jaguar VersionJeff Minter (Yak)
Bitmap ArtworkJoby
TunesImagitec Design
ProducerBill Newsham, John Skruch
Executive ProducerMartin Hooley, John Skruch
PC ConversionImagitec Design Inc.
Conversion / PortingJohn Carlyle, Richard Clark, Steve Cullen, Lee Garnett, Jamie Irvine
Win 95 ProgrammingDavid Sowerby, John Carlyle
Graphics / ArtworkShaun McClure, Steve Noake, Andy Noble
MusicIan Howe, Alastair Lindsay, Kevin Saville
SoundIan Howe
Acting / VoiceoversCarrie Tahquechi, Ted Tahquechi
Lead TesterDan McNamee
PlaytestingHank Cappa, Jody Cobb, Tal Funke-Bilu, Scott Hunter, Joe Sousa, Grant Collier, Eric Johnsen, Lance J. Lewis, Leonard Sayers
Product Marketing ManagerJeanne Winding
Creative ServicesGreg LaBrec, Trish Ward, Beeline Group
Original VersionJeff Minter

Interplay Productions

Executive ProducerAlan Pavlish
ProducerRobert Pardo
Line ProducersAlan Barasch, Fred Corchero Jr.
Manual DesignPatrizia Scharli, Dj
Director of Quality AssuranceChad Allison
Assistant Director of Quality AssuranceColin Totman
Lead TesterDarrell Jones
TestersErick Lujan, Timothy Anderson
Quality Assurance PC TechsAaron Meyers, Bill Delk

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