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    The Satanic Separate School Board has silently begun amassing an army of horrendous creatures. Under the leadership of the Dark Queen, Ouellette, and disguised as nothing more vile than the teachers and staff of the local highschool, they have already begun to implement their plans for world domination. But they didn't count on one thing: their very own cafeteria staff. The Beaver Food and Weapons Ladies have organized a team of seven revolutionaries garnished from the school's student body. Funded by bounties placed on the teacher's heads, these seven must enter the dreaded school armed with whatever weapons they can afford, to defeat the school staff, and ultimately the Dark Queen. They students have a formidable arsenal at their disposal, with weapons ranging from the reliable swiss army knife, to tactical nukes. But is it enough to defeat the awesome evil of F.J.B.?

    *A challenging strategy simulation based on the original board game.
    *Take on more than 55 unique teachers in a realistically mapped highschool setting.
    *Create your own students and assemble a team of up to 7.
    *Arm your team with simple weapons at first, but progress to greater levels of violence by introducing automatic weapons, flamethrowers and explosives.

    Contributed by Jeff Sinasac (408) on May 23, 2000.