Terminal Velocity Hints (DOS)

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Official Cheat Codes - Invincibility, ammo, warp, etc.Contributed by Xantheous (1300) on Aug 07, 2001.

The following cheats are available by typing in the given codes, one character at a time:

- trigods - Invincibility toggle. 
- trishld - Restore shields. 
- trinext - Skip to the next level. 
- trihovr - Hover in place. 
- trifir8 - Afterburner. 
- maniacs - Afterburner. 
- triburn - Fast afterburner. 
- trscope - Toggles music oscilloscope. 
- trframe - Count frames per second. 
- trwarpX - (where X is a level #) Warp to level X of current episode. 
- 3drealm - "Smokin'"; power up everything. 
- trifir9 - Thirty seconds of invisibility. 
- trifir0 - Thirty seconds of invincibility. 
- trifir1 - PAC ammo. 
- trifir2 - ION ammo. 
- trifir3 - RTL ammo. 
- trifir4 - MAM ammo. 
- tifir5 - SAD ammo (registered version only). 
- trifir6 - SWT ammo (registered version only). 
- trifir7 - DAM ammo (registered version only). 

Extra Keys:

Each of the following must be invoked from the main menu. If they don't work on their own, try holding [ctrl] down before pressing the desired letter.

[Z] - Display benchmark statistics for your computer. 
[M] - Play a MOD file. 
[B] - Play a TVI animation file. 
[S] - Sound debug mode. 
[R] - Record a demo. 
[P] - Play a demo. 

Source: 3D Realms Website

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