Written by  :  Daniel Allen (15)
Written on  :  Apr 16, 2007
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Could have been really, really good, but turned out below average.

The Good

The game followed Wolf3D in that you have to locate a key in a maze-like structure in order to advance to the next floor/area. Finding keys was a pretty cool thing, in my opinion, because it gave you a objective and you know what to look for on each floor.

The arsenal you controlled in this game was fairly cool. You got everything from a pistol, machine guns, all the way to a futuristic weapon (you had to find each component of the weapon in order to get it). The gun play in this game was excellent.

Other cool things included a awesome interface (at the time I thought). If you hovered your crosshair over a enemy, information came back to you explaining the enemy detail. The information was pretty useless as all you had to do was shoot until the machine blew up, but nonetheless, it was a cool feature to add to the game.

The Bad

In this game you are in a office building. It was horribly implemented. The levels were big and too cramped in my opinion. It was incredibly hard to navigate in this game because the areas were so huge that it turned into nothing more than trying to solve a maze.

It took an alarming amount of bullets to kill something. I understand that Terminators were meant to be hard to kill, but at least there could have been a good supply of ammo throughout the game. If I remembered right, you got a lead pipe, which was pretty much useless.

The Bottom Line

If you are a die-hard Terminator fan, get this game. It's pretty cool if you can look past the mazes. Overally, I was happy with this game.