Written by  :  ThE oNe (184)
Written on  :  Oct 19, 2002
Platform  :  DOS

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Old, bad sound and graphics.....but I liked it.

The Good

Sure its old. Over 10 years old. And even if it doesnt live up to todays games, it was actually fun to play. GFX im not going to talk about because it was a long time ago. Not gonna talk about sound either, but playing the game was very fun. Swerving at the cliffs, avoiding the police, trying to get out of the of cars, and some times, just for fun, driving at normal speed was a very refreshing experience.

The Bad

GFX, Sound (come on, it was 15 years ago, give it a break)

The Bottom Line

It is a game that proves that crappy graphics and bad sound cant make it a good game.

My Rating (Solid 5 / 5 )