Written by  :  Michelle (193)
Written on  :  Feb 20, 2002
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
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well, what can you say really?

The Good

Absolutely everything. This game is a masterpiece and stands out in my games collection as one of my top 10 of all time. It's in the top 5 even.

You are given an empty building, and build a hospital. Starts off small, with a few doctors, general diagnostic, reception, pharmacy and a few other necessities. Then you get up in the levels and wow - that becomes one huge hospital. You buy more land and buildings and before you know it, you own a hospital empire.

I liked the challenge of this game, it wasn't just what it appeared to be - building hospitals. It was much more, as you had to research illnesses, keep the hospital clean, plants alive, patients happy, staff happy and the bank manager too.

The Bad

Not much really. It was excellent. I think it was probably that I had no manual and took a while to get used to it. But once you learn about everything you need, you can pretty much own it - easier said than done ;)

The Bottom Line

Such an original idea, a totally classic game - I adore it. Playing it on the 19' screen with a Playstation is another added bonus.

Get your hands on this game, its addictive and you'll love it.