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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (US):
    Ages 10-Adult

    Over 2,300 Clues about 114 Great Americans and 145 Important Historical Events!

    Time Riders

    in American History

    "This is the best history game I've seen! It doesn't need separate books to look up facts, and it holds my 11-year-old's interest for hours at a time."

    - James Durham, father of 11-year-old Crissy

    Unscramble Dr. Dread's Version of American History in a Time Riders Adventure!

    Opening Scene:

    A telegram arrives, calling you to Time Riders headquarters for an urgent mission. The mysterious Dr. Dread is plotting to take over the world by changing history! You are needed to lead the Time Riders, the elite crusaders for truth, in unscrambling Dr. Dread's crazy versions of great American events.

    Interact with other Time Riders, getting clues and hints to unscramble history.

    Use the TimeTube to see holographic interviews with people from the past.

    Match wits with Dr. Dread - he'll try to toll your efforts to restore American history

    Your Equipment:

    5 high-tech machines, including a holographic TimeTube that sends the Time Riders' droid back through time for interviews with people from the past. Use this advanced equipment to get the real story from the real people behind the great events of American history.


    In the offices of DreadCo. Dr. Dread slams his fist on the boardroom table. "Who's fixing my twisted version of history? This will ruin my plan! When I find out who's restoring the real history, I'll scramble them along with history!"

    Cut to the next scene:

    Time Riders headquarters. You're leading the Time Riders when suddenly - what was that noise? Has Dr. Dread sent his stooges to spy on you? Sabotage your tools? Can you meet his challenge as he counters your every move? The story unfolds in Time Riders in American History!

    Spectacular graphics and fabulous sound engage players for hours.

    The Biodata Machine is your built-in resource for finding facts about famous historical people.

    Search the Geofax Machine for famous places where great events occurred.

    Special Features

    • 145 historical events covering more than 400 years in time, from 1942-1902.
    • Over 2,300 clues, focusing on 114 famous people and their achievements.
    • Dr. Dread's scheme develops and unfolds as you play. The more you play, the more he'll challenge you and the Time Riders!
    • Use built-in historical database to unravel your clues - no other reference book required.
    • Fabulous color graphics and great sound and music.
    • Famous people cover a wide variety of ethnic and social groups, and include Harriet Tubman, Thomas Jefferson, Booker T. Washington, Susan B. Anthony, Sacagawea, and more.

    Contributed by Xoleras (66865) on Apr 03, 2005.