Tomb Raider Credits


Lead ProgrammerPaul Douglas
Lead Graphic ArtistToby Gard
ProgrammersJason Gosling, Gavin Rummery
Graphic ArtistsNeal Boyd, Heather Gibson
Additional ProgrammingAndrew Howe, Derek Leigh-Gilchrist, Mansoor Nusrat
Additional ArtworkStuart Atkinson, Peter Barnard, David Pate, Lee Pullen
MusicNathan McCree
Sound effectsMartin Iveson
ScriptVicky Arnold
Original ConceptToby Gard
Executive ProducerJeremy Heath-Smith
Voice talents (FR)Fran├žoise Cadol

Eidos Interactive

ProducerMike Schmitt
QAFrank Hom, Tom Marx, Matthew Miller, James Poole, Philip B. Gelber, Phillip Baker, Pres Gabrillo, Michael R. Kelly, Michael McHale
Marketing SupportPaul Baldwin, Gary Keith, Sutton Trout, Lee Wilkinson, Kelly Zavislak
Special ThanksAnn Cuadra, Charilette Grate, Colin Boswell, Dominic Wheatley, Jo Kathryn Reavis, Joseph O'Donnell, John Kavanagh, Karl Hess, Mike McGarvey, Monique Collins, Paul Mainard, Sandy Jamison, Steve Goebel, Susan Boshkoff, Arlette Foley, Kim Gishler
Extra Special ThanksAdrian E. Smith, Jeremy Heath-Smith, Troy Horton, Mark Price, Ken Lockley, Andrew Thompson, Alex Joseph, Core Design

Eidos Interactive Germany

ProducerBeco Mulderij
German Manual and Ingame TextWeltenschmiede Studios
Recorded atTonsynchron
Dialogue TranslationEva Hoogh
Voice ActorsGabriele Libbach, Thomas Stein, Angela Stresemann, Gerhard Garbers, Robert Missler, Ben Hecker

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