Written by  :  p-kun (225)
Written on  :  Feb 12, 2003
Platform  :  DOS

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One of the finest in-depth flight simulators of the 1990s

The Good

The avionics were absolutely fantastic. The back seat cockpit allowed a full range of navigation and targeting options, including an accurate model of the TIALD laser targeting pod (and was that ever fun). The action was hectic but not impossible. Apart from a great sim, the game features a simulation of a real-life mission planning system (note - mission planner, not mission designer) which, given a target and limited TOT, allowed you to plan the mission and upload it ot the plane. Add to that true dynamic campaigns, great graphics, and a densely populated world to fly over, and wow - in my opinion the best flightsim of its decade (yes, even better than Flacon 3.0)

The Bad

It is not easy to get into - a hefty 200 page manual, tutorials to run through, and it doesn't hurt to know plenty of air combat theory (especially if you do the "commander" option). Also, it has a "middle or europe nowhere specific" setting - a real world place would have been so much better. Also, the modelling of the ADV version is a little underdone - it would have been beeter to leave it as a Gr Mk 3 sim and leave it at that

The Bottom Line

A realistic, in depth simulation of a complex attack aircraft, and of the environments it operates in. Tough to master, but very rewarding and ultimately worth the effort. Only for the "Hard core" flight sim cadre, or those who are looking for a good way into high fidelity combat simulation.