Touché: The Adventures of the Fifth Musketeer Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

Publisher logo
Intro sequence
Title screen
Rouen, the town you start in...
The travelling map...
Musketeers are training...
In the thieves' den...
There's a battle raging on...
Rouen - Juliette
Rouen - Da Vinci's boat
One of the many stables you will visit
Crossroads - En Garde!
Amiens - cloister
St Quentin - Front inn
Le Mans - Meet Madame Fleur
How to get in the Louvre
Arrival at the castle
Rouen - cathedral
Rouen - office musketeer headquarters
The Jolie Eater
St Quentin - inn
Amiens - bootmaker
Le Mans - Fiffi's room
Le Mans - weaponsmith
Paris - market
Castle - dining room