Towers Screenshots (DOS)

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DOS version

splash screen
shareware info
Main menu
map selection
part of the diamond-shaped map base. (scaling is a bit off)
Difficulty setting - higher means larger base groups required for building on next level (from minimum 5 blocks to maximum 24) .
Starting on a rectangular base, easiest difficulty level. Every level has a timer that counts down.
help-screen: keys
First layer not full yet, and already out of time.
score is calculated after removing too small groups (<5) of blocks.
The next level is built on the first.
3D-view of the first level, not so impressive yet.
When blocks don't fit, you get a blue warning at the bottom of the screen; and have to wait for it to go away before trying to place the block somewhere else.
Discarding a piece costs points & time, but I have no place for it here.
When a level is filled, you can end the timer with the 'Done' button.
This level is the last, as the minimum group of 16 blocks required to build on the next level cannot be met.
The resulting 3D-tower (this can be viewed from different angles)
Hall of Fame - not so hard to get into when empty.