Written by  :  Ivan Grant (6)
Written on  :  Nov 15, 2001
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars3.75 Stars

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A fantastic adventure game for its time.

The Good

What’s really amazing about this is that I still own my old Apple //e and along with it, this game ( check for my reviews later;). What’s incredible about it is that with the limited graphics it had, it still managed to scare me at every turn. My many attempts at this game had a tendency to turn into “hope to god you don’t see the wolf “ games, because sooner or later, that wolf would come for me, and I knew from experience that I wouldn’t be able to type shoot the werewolf into the game fast enough. Occasionally however when the wolf was still full from his last ten feedings, I was actually able to explore the game and test some of its fantastically thought out puzzles.

The Bad

As part of the game’s plot was to destroy the werewolf that was wreaking havoc on the countryside, the player needed to procure certain items, a flintlock pistol and silver bullets ( which of course were placed at separate sides of town ). However the constant intrusion of the werewolf could slow down gamely to a crawl ( at many points in the game I would find myself feet from the silver bullets, only to see the fiendish form of the werewolf, staring back at me ). This proved the werewolf extremely hard to kill. Making the game virtually unplayable. His lesser brothers in evil however proved to be much more easily dispatched.

The Bottom Line

Of course it’s hard to look back at present games predecessors and rate them, at the time of its release it was up to par with other games of its kind, although I would say Transylvania will never be remembered as a ground breaker, it certainly brought me and other with countless hours of entertaining gameplay.