Trinity Credits


Original ConceptBrian Moriarty
Project ManagerJon Palace
PackagingCarl Genatassio
CopywriterElizabeth Langosy
IllustratorRichard Howell
PhotographySteve Grohe
Inner CoverCharles Freeman
SundialGeoff Hodgkinson
Map & CraneMeredith Lightbown
Production CoordinatorAngela Raup
PlaytestingGary Brennan, Amy Briggs, Max Buxton, Liz Cyr-Jones, Suzanne Frank
Microcomputer InterpretersEd Black, Duncan Blanchard, Paul Gross, Andrew Kaluzniacki, Richard Lay, Mike Morton, Linde Simpson
Interactive Fiction Plus(TM) Development SystemMarc Blank, Stu Galley, Dave Lebling

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