Turbo Champions Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Choose input device
Choose video display
Main menu
Pick a succession of tracks to race through - including user-generated ones
Off we go (CGA)
Zig-zagging through some heavy traffic (CGA)
Gas trucks can be a pain. An exploding, fiery pain (CGA)
Those roadside displays helpfully keep track of your time (CGA)
Hit a snag on the road (CGA)
Demo/attract mode (EGA, Tandy)
So many gas trucks... so few blowtorches (EGA, Tandy)
Spinning wildly to a full stop (EGA, Tandy)
Text zooms in smoothly overhead, as in the time display for your previous lap (EGA, Tandy)
I may have mentioned the gas trucks, but at last we're being formally introduced (EGA, Tandy)
Crashing into sundry objects makes for some spectacular mid-air flips (EGA, Tandy)
Sharp turns can be tricky indeed (EGA, Tandy)
Finishing a lap quickly can net you a serious time bonus (EGA, Tandy)
Out of time (EGA, Tandy)
Track editor