Turoid (DOS)

Turoid DOS Title screen


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Written by  :  JudgeDeadd (19727)
Written on  :  Aug 27, 2008
Rating  :  2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars

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Too hard to be truly enjoyable

The Good

Some nice music on the title screen

The Bad

At best average graphics
No music during play?
Too high difficulty level
A bit unresponsive controls

The Bottom Line

Arkanoid is one of the most primal games: its simple rules make it a popular target for remakes. It would be a tenuous and pretty useless chore to list all the Arkanoid variants ever made. Maybe we should instead focus on those who bring something new to the game, or those that are outstanding in terms of quality.

Turoid, sadly, does not really fit either of those categories.

While the game welcomes us with a little tune on the title screen, the actual gameplay isn't accompanied by music; instead, you'll only get to listen to the depressing clicks and beeps of the bouncing ball and the bricks being destroyed. The graphics are nothing outstanding either, so this game isn't very advanced in terms of aesthetics. But does the gameplay make up for it?

Not really. The difficulty is turned up to eleven: not only you are in constant danger of losing your ball, but also you can be crushed by the purple orbs falling from the 'bove, should you release them from the purple bricks with your ball. Since there are a lot of those purple bricks around, getting crushed is very easy. Often, you'll find yourself between the devil and the deep sea, as the ball will be falling to its doom - and if you try to catch it, you'll get crushed by a falling purple orb. Such situations don't exactly improve the overall gameplay experience.

All in all, Turoid isn't exactly the most fun game out there. If you like Arkanoid, try playing BreakQuest if you haven't already - but Turoid is best left skipped.