Tyrian (DOS)

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Written by  :  Peter Hall (150)
Written on  :  Dec 18, 1999
Platform  :  DOS

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The BEST overhead shooter!

The Good

Tyrian is one of my favorite games ever. It has exciting and unique layouts for the levels, and has one of the best weapon upgrade systems I have used. The story line is cool, and the music is great. I sometimes load up the SETUP program just to run the jukebox. Both FM synthesised and General MIDI soundtracks are well done (which happen to be the same music, of course). The mouse control is excelent, and even the keyboard control is good. Two player cooperation play is very fun, and the ability to join the ships together is usefull. (Make sure that the player with the mouse is the pilot and the player with the keyboard is the gunner!) The three episodes progress well in hardness levels; you can't just jump into episode 2 or 3 without finishing 1 because your ship will be too weak (unless you're really good :). And there is a fun realtime cannon fodder style game hidden within: type "DESTRUCT" at the main menu.

The Bad

I wish that the game was longer :) Which actualy shows how good it is!

The Bottom Line

Raptor doesn't even come close the power that is TYRIAN!