Ultima I-VI Series Ad Blurbs (DOS)

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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Box - DOS (Canada/US):
    The Most Fascinating Interactive Adventure of All Time! The entire Ultima saga, presented for the first time ever on CD-ROM! These classic, critically acclaimed fantasies offer weeks or even months of non-stop entertainment.

    ULTIMA I: THE FIRST AGE OF DARKNESS The Dark Wizard Mondain sends forth minions of evil creatures to devastate the kingdoms of Sosaria. You must answer the call to battle, and wield your weapons of sorcery to drive back the forces of darkness. Track Mondain to his hidden lair and destroy him!

    ULTIMA II: REVENGE OF THE ENCHANTRESS The master is dead, but his evil legacy lives on. Minax, apprentice of Mondain, has come of age, raining terror and destruction on the land. In her fury, she has torn the fabric of time and space, opening doors through which you might bring about her doom!

    ULTIMA III: EXODUS The child of horror now has a name, and that name is Exodus. More than a journey through the dungeons of time, this quest is the final battle with the Triad of Evil. Defeat the Great Earth Serpent and conquer the island fortress of Exodus!

    ULTIMA IV: QUEST OF THE AVATAR The kingdoms of Sosaria are united under Lord British as one new world: Britannia. A quest to discover the way of virtue and the Codex of Ultimate Wisdom has begun. But discovery has a price: a new underworld and conflict with the dark side of humanity itself!

    ULTIMA V: WARRIORS OF DESTINY Lord British is held captive in the underworld. Merciless Shadowlords of Mondain now rule Britannia through the unwitting Lord Blackthorn. You must defeat him, and the Shadowlords, to rescue Lord British and return him to his throne!

    ULTIMA VI: THE FALSE PROPHET Deep beneath the peaceful land, a new and terrible civilization has evolved - Gargoyles! Sending forth their armies, the Gargoyles exact a deadly toll on Britannia and its people. You must free the Shrines of this fearsome plague and drive out the Gargoyles forever!

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