Business Model Commercial
Minimum CPU Class Required 8088 / 8086
Minimum OS Class Required DOS 2.0
Minimum RAM Required 256 KB
Media Type 3.5" Floppy Disk, 5.25" Floppy Disk
Video Modes Supported CGA, CGA Composite (16 colors), EGA, Tandy / PCjr
Sound Devices Supported PC Speaker
Input Devices Supported Keyboard
Number of Players: Offline 1 Player
Notes Highly recommended: either DOS 2.1 or 3.2

Graphic Modes supported: (per the manual)
  1. Tandy 1000: 16 colors
  2. EGA cards with at least 64k memory: 320 x 200 16 color mode
  3. Other than the above: CGA will be used
CGA graphics can be forced by typing ULTIMA C at the A> prompt when booting the program disk (suggested for the Tandy 1000)

Technical information contributed by Alan Chan (3620), The cranky hermit (575), Servo (57406), Great Hierophant (319) and Jeanne (76520)