Written by  :  Ali Jakamy (8)
Written on  :  Aug 07, 2005
Platform  :  DOS
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Best game EVER!

The Good

There is so much to say about this RPG game. It was the first to use real 3D texture mapped representation, way before Doom and 1 month before Wolfenstein 3D. The game was HUGE, 8 underground levels with a perfect, balanced, different designs. The NPC had good AI, offered good lengthy adventure like dialogues, something never seen before in an RPG game.

Being totally underground, the game had a great immersion feeling of being trapped in the underworld. To get to the surface, the avatar had to go down to the deepest levels. There is definitely something special in an end to end totally dungeon RPG.

I played a lot of games, Underworld always stayed the undethroned NĀ°One game in comparison.

If you didn't finish it, don't call yourself an RPG gamer.

The Bad


The Bottom Line

If you never finished it or worse played it then go and grab this game.

Underworld is the father of the elder scroll games, of Deus Ex, Arx Fatalis, Ultima 9 and the Gothic saga. You'll enjoy UW even if you've played the modern Gothic II.