Advertising Blurbs

1991-92 Origin Product Catalog:

    The action begins immediately as you, the Avatar, find yourself in the clutches of horrifying gargoyles! These evil creatures have attacked Britannia and you alone can stop them.

    But there’s more to Ultima VI than just killing monsters. As your actions advance the story, you learn about the gargoyle race and soon realize that the invaders aren’t mindlessly evil – they’re fighting to save their race and to right an ancient wrong. In Ultima VI, things are not always as they appear..and evil is not so easily defined.

  • A true “world simulation” of huge proportions. Explore it all! Sail upon its waters to distant shores. Converse with hundreds of inhabitants. Examine and use the thousands of objects to be found.

  • A first Ultima in the history of the series to be designed entirely on the IBM. Superb graphics and a terrific musical score.

  • A climatic conclusion to The Second Trilogy!

    Contributed by Jeanne (76599) on Oct 07, 2002.

Unknown Source:
    Journey once again to Brittannia, land of magic and adventure. Uncover the mystery of the Gargoyles in this exciting sixth episode of the award-winning ULTIMA saga.

    All new Graphics and Sound technology!

    • Stunning full-color graphics and vivid animations
    • Captivating original musical scores

    Cinematic Storytelling at its Best!

    • A classically written ULTIMA saga of fantasy and myth
    • Illustrated by leading graphic artists and animators

    Simulation of a Living Fantasy World!

    • Thousands of colorful places and characters to discover
    • Hundreds of fascinating conversations and puzzles
    • A fully interactive world where everything has a purpose - bells ring, clocks tell time, cannons fire; IF YOU CAN TOUCH IT, YOU CAN USE IT!

    Hours of Non-Stop Entertainment!

    • Immediately begin playing and enjoying
    • Longterm play value; you may never see it all!

    Inside this package: Action-packed game disks; the illustrated "Compendium" playbook; Authentice "Orb of the Moon" gemstone; Full color 16"x16" CLOTH TAPESTRY of Britannia! (A Genuine Collector's Item)

    Contributed by Aaron Grier (31) on May 02, 1999.