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1993 Origin product catalog:
    Trapped by the same circumstances that twarted the Guardian in Ultima VII The Black Gate, you find yourself in a world strangely out of balance. A wave of magic storms sweeps across the land; a strange sickness plagues the Gargoyles and Emps; Batlin has fled justice. The solution to the chaos lies on the legendary Serpent Isle. Ultima VII Part Two features new terrain, larger close-up portraits, "paper doll" character generation, digitized speech and a dinamic musical score.

    Contributed by Zovni (10666) on Apr 20, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    As the Avatar, you thwarted the Guardian in ULTIMA VII The Black Gate. Eighteen months have passed since your seeming victory, but you now find yourself trapped in Britannia by the same circumstances that keep the evil at bay. Vital questions remain unanswered and deep mysteries remain unsolved.

    What is causing the terrible magic storms? Where is Batlin, leader of the defeated Fellowship? Have you truly defeated the Guardian, or does he lurk in the Shadows awaiting another chance to destroy Britannia?

    The solution can be found on the legendary Serpent Isle. As you explore this new land, you discover a grave imbalance between the twin forces of Order and Chaos - the root of Britannia's troubles. It's a race against time - and the countdown has already begun.

    - An original storyline that picks up where ULTIMA VII The Black Gate and Forge of Virtue ended.

    - Longtime fans will encounter old friends and enemies, but no previous Ultima experience is necessary. Serpent Isle is a complete, stand alone game.

    - A newly discovered realm of Britannia to explore, familiar in so many ways, yet all-new and totally unknown. Adventure deep into frozen wastes and chart the mysterious, inter-dimensional Ethereal Void.

    - Larger close-up portraits than ever before. Every character you meet is rendered in near-photographic detail.

    - Improved inventory control, including a detailed, full length view of your character wearing the clothing and armor you select and equipped with the items and weapons you choose.

    - New magical spells of unimanigable power.

    - Enhanced sound effects, speech and a dynamic musical score.

    - The latest version of ORIGIN's Ultima game technology, up to 30% faster than before.

    Contributed by Terok Nor (26203) on Jan 09, 2000.