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Back of Box - Dos (Germany):

    Lord British


    Das erste Kapitel des dritten Buchs der preisgekrönten Ultima-Saga.

    • Ein Fest von Sound und Musik mit digitalisierter Sprache und einem dynamischen Soundtrack wie im Kino!
    • Komplett mausgestützte Bedienung - Sie sprechen mit Spielfiguren, ohne ein Wort eintippen zu müssen!
    • Ein traditionelles Schwert- und Zaubererspiel mit mysteriösen Morden und aufregendem Horror!
    • Vollbilddarstellung - Figuren, Objekte und Lebewesen in Britannia sind größer denn je!

    Alle Ultima-Spiele können getrennt und in jeder beliebigen Reihenfolge gespielt werden

    Contributed by MZ per X (3026) on Oct 02, 2010.

Insert Card in game box:
    A Breakaway Hit – All New ULTIMA VII

    Lord British presents the first chapter in the third book of the award-winning Ultima saga. For the first time, ULTIMA VII The Black Gate combines the familiar sword-and-sorcery elements of previous adventures with those of murder mysteries and horror thrillers. In addition to fighting monsters and exploring dungeons, you’ll need to master the arts of investigation and detection to uncover the secret of The Black Gate.

  • A feast of sound and music – digitized speech (requiring optional Sound Blaster or compatible card) and a dynamic cinematic soundtrack!

  • Traditional sword and sorcery interwoven with mystery and intrigue!

  • Full-screen view – characters and object in Britannia are larger than ever!

  • Totally mouse-driven interface – you can talk to characters

    only $79.95

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Oct 07, 2002.

1991-92 Origin Product Catalog:


    ULTIMA VIII The Black Gate delivers a first chapter of Book Three in the exciting, world-renowned ULTIMA saga! You, the Avatar, receive a mysterious and taunting message from another dimension. The sender is a malevolent entity whose entire threat to Britannia is unclear. But one thing is certain – this being possesses enormous power and malicious intent.

    When you arrive in Britannia, you find that it has been 200 years since your last visit. Though society has advanced, the land is ravaged by a number of plagues – an incurable disease is striking the mages at an alarming rate, pollution and ecological waste are running rampant, and the once reliable Moongates are malfunctioning. On top of it all, a wave of gruesome murders is sweeping across the townships. Your job is to discover who – or what – is behind it all.

  • Features a completely redesigned version of the award-winning ULTIMA role-playing system, with amazing authenticity that draws you right into the center of the action.

  • Spectacular art and animation in 256-color VGA graphics.

  • A full-screen view of a finely-crafted, richly detailed interactive world. Use hundreds of unique objects and explore immense expanses of territory.

  • An interface that is easier-than-ever to use, with new methods for conversing with characters.

  • Environmental sound so real that you can actually hear the rivers flowing, the caverns dripping and the crickets chirping at night. *

  • A full-length, cinematic musical score synchronized to on-screen action, and digitized speech (when played with sound accessories).*

    * Music boards highly recommended for IBM/compatibles:
    Roland MT-32 or LAPC-1, Ad Lib, Sound Blaster.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on Oct 07, 2002.

1993 Origin Catalog:
    Ultima VII the Black Gate

    The award-winning saga begins a new chapter in Ultima VII The Black Gate, where the sword-and-sorcery is interwoven with mystery, horror and intrigue. Ultima VII features a full-screen view, totally mouse-driven interface and almost 20 megabytes of characters, towns, magic, combat and objects. Enjoy a feast of sound and music with digitized speech and a dynamic music track.

    Contributed by Zovni (10666) on May 04, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    Lord British presents: The first chapter in the third book of the award-winning Ultima series.

  • A feast of sound and music with digitized speech and a dynamic cinematic soundtrack!

  • Totally mouse-driven interface - you talk to characters without typing a word!

  • Traditional sword and sorcery interwoven with mysterious murders and the thrills of horror!

  • Full-screen view - characters, objects and creatures in Britannia are larger than ever!

    Contributed by Terok Nor (26298) on Dec 22, 1999.