Related Web Sites

  • - Ultima VII: The Black Gate (A dedicated site to the classic game - providing a host of walkthroughs, downloads and lots of cool add-ons and stuff.)
  • Exult (a project to allow people to play Ultima 7 on modern OSes such as Linux and Windows by reverse-engineering the game engine. You still need the original game to play.)
  • Ganesh's Website (Walkthroughs, tips, hints, cheats, trainers, backgrounds, wallpapers, desktop themes, music, mp3s, midi, hand-picked *very* funny jokes and much MUCH more! ALSO: U7 in Win9x, humor, lots of downloads!)
  • UHS Hints for Ultima 7 (These hints will help you solve the game.)
  • Ultima 7 in Windows (Ron Windeyer has licked it! An exerpt .. "Thanks to a new and quite brilliant utility, Black Gate and Serpent Isle can be run effortlessly in Windows 95 and 98, with virtually any kind of sound card. With the latest addition (U7.DPMI) it is also compatible with Windows 2000, and possibly even Linux.")

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Amazon ; an online store selling new and used computer and video games.

Google ; search engine that ranks by popularity

eBay ; Many older games listed on MobyGames are out of print. Auction sites like eBay are the best place to find them.

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