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Apart from this problem, and other slight graphical differences, the program is still as flexible and powerful in its use as the ST version was. If you're looking for the ultimate wargame on the PC then look no further.
Mittlerweile sind auch zwei Szenariodisks erschienen, die die Palette der historischen Schlachten erweitern. UMS ist in seiner Vielfalt und mit seinen unzähligen Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten wirklich einzigartig — ein absolutes Muß für jeden Table Top-Spieler und Liebhaber von Konfliktsimulationen. Wer unter dem Begriff Simulation jedoch die naturgetreue Darstellung von Freund und Feind versteht, sollte besser die Finger von diesem Programm lassen.
A wargame design kit, characterized by easy design parameters. However, accuracy is sacrificed for playability, and often playability is sacrificed for graphic display. Maritime operations are ignored, so its universality is not "complete." It will visually impress your friends, although it is clumsy and awkward.
Overall, UMS is impressive, but its flaws are apparent. If you are interested in creating your own battles, then UMS is highly recommended. On the other hand, if you desire to learn accurate lessons from military history, then UMS may be a shade too general. This first generation simulation is an interesting design; its third or fourth generation descendant may prove essential.