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Under a Killing Moon (DOS)

100 point score based on reviews from various critics.
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Under a Killing Moon Credits


DesignAaron Conners, Chris Jones
Lead ProgrammingBruce Ward
ProgrammingRoger Carver, David Curtin, Kevin Homer, Paul Johnston, Mark Snow, Brian Stringham, Don B. Stringham, Linda Ward
Graphics / 3D ProgrammingBruce Johnson, Paul Johnston, Mark McArthur, Brian Stringham
Libraries / UtilitiesRichard Moore
3D ModellingNeil Galloway, Brian Johnson, Nathan Larsen, Les Oswald, Douglas Vandegrift, Brandon Wright, Ralph Yarro
MusicLarry Bastian, Jon Clark, Eric Heberling
Art DirectorNeil Galloway, Nathan Larsen
PackagingJames H. Fedor, Steve Johnson
DocumentationBruce Carver, Aaron Conners, James H. Fedor, Chris Jones
MarketingDavid Ashby, Susan Dunn, Bill Fitts, Jim Slade, Patricia Norwood, Travis Sehestedt, Steve Witzel
DirectorDavid F. Brown
Writing / Dialogue / StoryAaron Conners
PlaytestingRoss Curtin, George Manousakis, Steven Wynn
UndeterminedKerry Acocks, Bruce Carver, Jon Clark, Ross Curtin, James H. Fedor, Mark Hulka, Kevin L. Jones, Catrine McGregor, Les Oswald, Kristin Rasmussen, Mark Werner, Dave Wilson
CastMichail Bailey (Lowell Percival), Steven Barnes (Clint the Bum), Suzanne Barnes (Chelsee Bando), Wayne Braithwaite (Eddie Ching Thug #2), Jeri Christian (Francesca Lucido), Rebecca Clay (Alaynah Moore), Aaron Conners (Ardo Newpop, Moonchild Technician #2), Travis Driscoll (Security Guard), James Earl Jones (Big P.I. in the Sky), Randall Edwards (Louie LaMintz), Richard Haslam (Pug), Mark Hulka (Paul Dubois), Shanon Ingman (Melahn Tode), Sandy Jensen (Eddie Ching), Chris Jones (Tex Murphy, Inspector Burns), Kevin L. Jones (Mac Malden), Brian Keith (Colonel), Margot Kidder (Bartender), Monique Lanier (Countess Reiner), Nathan Larsen (Moonchild Technician #1), Mindy Lawson (Evy Schanzee), David Madsen (Ferrel Pus), George Manousakis (Rudy), Mark McArthur (Markus Tucker), Russell Means (Chameleon), Kris Mickler (Sylvia Linsky), Les Oswald (Capt. Wallaby), Dave Pehrson (Eddie Ching Thug #1), Jay Richards (Mick Flemm), Brian Underwood (Hamm Underwood), Douglas Vandegrift (Rook Garner, Sal Lucido, Beek Nariz), Wilie Walker (Franco Franco), Trisha Woods (Computer Voice), Brandon Wright (Monks)

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Credits for this game were contributed by Trixter (8730) and コナン (91047)