Day 4 - A Code, a Tode, and a Cigarette LoadContributed by Katakis | カタキス (39516) on Jul 23, 2007.

Tex will note that he should pay the Countess another visit. When you take control, travel to the Countess' mansion. When you get there, the door is open, the Countess is not there, and the place looks like a mess. There is an eagle on the chandelier, and it is holding a cigarette case. Look at the bird. Get the watch that is sitting on the fireplace mantel. Examine this watch to find the secret compartment. Now use the gold foil on the eagle. It will leave its post, drop the case, get the foil, and fly off. Get the case and examine it to get a cigarette. Next, move the newspaper located at the front of the table, and look at the ashtray to see the cigarette buts. Look in the wastebasket and get the note scraps. Assemble the note scraps to reveal a note that has information on Tex. Look here for some help. Travel to the Colonel's office.

This was such a beautiful place until the Chameleon came along and screwed everything up. Go behind the desk and move the face-down picture frame on the table. Look at the photo. The girl you see there is Melahn Tode, the Colonel's girlfriend. Go to the desk and open the bottom drawer on the left side. Get the greeting card, then examine it. The Colonel plans to escort someone to the tropics after his next case is done. Good for him. Open the bottom drawer on the right side and get the envelope. Examine the envelope to get Melahn Tode's address in San Francisco. Time to find that disk that the Colonel mentioned. Move the vase in the lower-right corner of the display case and get the disk hidden under this. Go to the computer and turn it on. Insert the disk into the drive and read all the information. The last bit of it directs you to the safe for further information. Travel to Melahn Tode's apartment.

Melahn looks different to the girl in the Colonel's photo. Now she acts like Paris Hilton. Talk to the woman, mentioning the Colonel, until you get your Offer list. Offer Melahn the greeting card. She will get a bit disappointed that the card didn't come with some money, but she's now happy to answer some questions. Ask her about the Colonel. He gave her a package that she wasn't supposed to open. She opened it anyway, only to find nothing but a key. Ask about the Colonel's key to get it. End the conversation and return to the Colonel's office.

The place remains the same last time that Tex was here. Go over to the file cabinet and unlock it with the Colonel's key. Open the top drawer and get the coded documents. Examine them. There must be a decoding book somewhere. Move the magazine on the floor and get the UPEX receipt, then examine it. The Colonel sent something to Melahn. You are interested in what that is, so travel back to Melahn Tode's. Either offer or ask about the UPEX receipt to get the paper with a combination on it. Examine it and write down the three-number combination. Return to the Colonel's office.

Move the “Air Force” painting to expose the safe. When the close-up appears, turn the left knob (x5), the center knob (x7), and finally the right knob. Get the code book from the safe and combine this with the coded documents. Examine the decoded documents to get the address to the Roadside Motel, as well as information regarding G.R.S., which stands for Genetic Research Systems. When you are done reading that, travel to the Roadside Motel.

You are introduced to Alaynah Moore, the person mentioned in the decoded documents. Tex happens to know her from his past when she dated her sister. The two of them talk about G.R.S. Alaynah tells Tex that Marcus Tucker, the director of G.R.S., hired her as a personal secretary. Then she explains that the corporation is involved in professional genetic research hired by the best young scientists. Everything they did was mysterious and secretive. She resigned from G.R.S. due to the threatening notes that she kept receiving. She didn't take them seriously and decided to get away for a while and use her vacation time. When she got back, she found out that her apartment was broken into and had to vacate to a motel. The conversation ends with Alaynah giving Tex a passkey that he needs to get into G.R.S., and warns him that they have a 24-hour security watch. Travel to G.R.S. Attention: The first thing that you notice at G.R.S. is the security probe coming toward you. This is the 24-hour security system that Alaynah told Tex about earlier. The probe patrols the hallway, as well as each office, scanning for any intruders. In the rooms, when you hear a voice saying "security sweep will begin in 5 seconds", you must hide Tex near one of the corners in the room. If the security probe spots you, Tex is dead. You will deal with the probe later, but in the meantime, hide in the places mentioned below:

Research and Development: The back right corner, getting between Paul DuBois' desk and the wall. Press [Ctrl] while in movement mode to duck down.

Project Supervisor's Room: Behind the partition wall in the back corner. Press [Ctrl] while in movement mode to duck down.

Conference Room: Behind the only single desk here. Press [Ctrl] while in movement mode to duck down.

Marcus Tucker's Office: Behind the plants. Press [Ctrl] while in movement mode to duck down.

Before the probe reaches you, turn left, go behind the corner, and open the door furthest away from you, which is Research and Development. Here, get the San Francisco stars pennant from the left wall, the hex wrench laying on the floor, and the TV from the desktop of the first desk on the right. Now go to DuBois' desk. Examine the pennant. Tex will turn it over to discover a computer access card. Switch on the computer and insert the access card. A menu appears. Click on all the items to get information about G.R.S, the Brotherhood, the Secret Doctrine, and more. Return to the hallway, while watching out for the security probe.

Turn left and enter the Project Supervisor's Room. There is a security booth on the left, but there is no way that you can get in. use the wrench on the vent plate in the door that leads to this room and use the geigger on the opening. The geigger runs away from you, gets the sandwich, pushing a button in the process and electrocuting himself. Poor bastard. Well, you got in. Get the mini-disc on the far desk and look at the note that was underneath it. You will find out about Eva Schanzee. Open the upper-left desk drawer and get the laserdisc. Noe open the lower-left drawer and get Marcus Tucker's passkey. Exit the security booth and head to Eva Schanzee's desk.

Look at the computer. It requires a computer access card for it to work. Crouch down and look up under Eva's desk. Over to the right is her access card. Get it then stand up to face the desk again. Turn on the computer and insert the access card. Use the mini-disc on the computer to view Eva's personal logs. Eva has made initial contact with the cult. Two employees are members of the cult, including one named Murray. She will attend a series of meetings. During those meetings, nine or ten people came, including Paul Dubois and Alaynah Moore, both which were warned by Eva to get out as soon as they can. At her last meeting, she was approached by an older man, who told her that there would be a special place for her in the new order. When the logs have ended, open the door to the hallway. Go around to the conference and enter

Around the room are portraits of G.R.S. employees hanging on the walls, but we won't worry about them now. Look at the video screen. Go to the single desk and open the top-left drawer. Look at the Playbub magazine. Open the drawer on the bottom-left and get the laserdisc player. Exit the conference room and go next door to Marcus Tucker's office, which is on your right. Look at the panel by the door. Access to Tucker's office requires a passkey, but didn't you get one earlier? Insert it in the slot and enter the office.

Look at the door across from you. This is Tucker's safe, and you need a few things from inside. Look at the access panel next to it. Combine the laserdisc player with the TV. Combine the laserdisc with the audio-visual equipment. Now examine the loaded A/V equipment. Tucker has already recorded his voice on it. Go to the desk and open the lower-left drawer. Write down the number that you see on the masking tape. Open the lower-right drawer and get the match. Turn on the safe access panel. A computer voice tells you to identify yourself so that it can match the voice pattern to Tuckers, so use the loaded A/V equipment on the panel. Next, the voice tells you to stand by for DNA scan. Unfortunately, your DNA is incompatible and the computer will alert security to your presence.

At least that the safe is open. Go in and get the videotape and Eva's buddha statue from the tape. Look in the wastebasket and get the note shreds. Leave the safe and quickly hide behind the plants (remember to press [Ctrl] to crouch down). Face the safe so that you can see the security probe enter the safe and start scanning. While it is inside, close the safe and it will be trapped inside. Examine the buddha statue to get the Winter Chip that was hidden behind a secret compartment. Combine the Winter Chip with the watch. Examine the note shreds and assemble them. The assembled notes should read as follows:

Brother Marcus:

We are seekers of purity who will abide no defect in spirit or form. The time is close at hand -- your work was exemplary and adhered in every detail to the holy prophecies. Now that we have the sacred relic in our possession, our plans can be carried out.

I regret that you had to eliminate DuBois. Alas, such is the folly of man. Schanzee is being held on the Moon Child and will pay dearly for her treachery. Also, as feared, Brother Thaniel was not genetically suitable for our Order and had to be retired.

Now your instructions. Go to the Bastion of Sanctity (Long: 122 degrees 47'll", Latit: 41 degrees 28'6"). Upon arriving, the Chameleon will provide transport, though he will not travel with you to the Moon Child just now, as he has other business to attend to before joining us.

Godspeed Brother.

Once you have assembled the note, the Bastion of Sanctity will be added to your travel map. Exit to the hallway and return to the Project Supervisor's Room. There, look at the wall safe and open it to bring a close-up view of the keypad. Enter the number that was on Tucker's masking tape, which you wrote down from earlier, then press the Enter button. Open the safe and get the viral powder. Return to the hallway and go to the Conference Room again.

Look at the portraits until Tex says "He'll sell no wine before it's time". Under that portrait, on the ledge, is a cabinet door key. You need to get this to unlock the console in the middle of the room. Once you have done that, look at the VCR then turn it on. Insert the videocassette from Tucker's safe and turn on the remote pad on the conference table to view the video. It shows a rather disturbing insight on the effects of the doomsday virus, and Paul DuBois was used as a test subject since he was a traitor to G.R.S. You're done here, so travel to Tex's office to rest for the day.

Tex will remind himself to see Alaynah in the morning. However, the Chameleon kidnaps her. While he is about to go to sleep, Tex hears something moving though the room. It is a cube message from the Chameleon, who tells Tex what he did and that he knows that he is looking for the Winter Chip. He gives Tex an ultimatum: give the search up or Alaynah will die. To add insult to injury, he found some way to stick Pug in a water cooler.

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