Under Fire! Credits


Design Ralph H. Bosson
IBM ProgrammingInsight Industries Inc.
C64/128 ProgrammingDyadic Software Associates
Rulebook EditingWilliam E. Peschel
Playtesting Neil Bradley, Regan Carey, Winchell Chung, Thomas Connerty, William Creamer, Ed Dentel, Lisa Eugenides, Dale Findley, Tom Foley, Nelson Fong, Charles Freeman, Arlan Harris, Jeff Hunter, William Kabela Sr., Steve Kitchen, Richard Kimmel, Bruce Kohrn, David Kuijt, Chris McCormack, Charles McCullough, William Mangus, John Patch, Jason Slater, Russell J. Smith, Anthony Stramiello, Ken Stuber, Phil Studenberg, Trent Takeyasu, Kimberly A. Thompson (1Lt.)
Box ArtGeorge I. Parrish Jr.
Art DirectionJean Baer, William E. Peschel
Rulebook GraphicsCharles Kibler
Production CoordinatorPhyllis Opolko
Prep. Dept CoordinatorLou Velenovsky
TypesettingColonial Composition
Printing Monarch Services

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Credits for this game were contributed by me3D31337 (60089)