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Game Zero (1996)
This very exciting football fantasy come true has everything you need to replay famous games, simulate games never played or create a league of your own. A must for the serious football fan or the novice that wants to get more involved.
PC Gamer (1996)
Unlike the superficial upgrades of previous Unnecessary Roughness offerings, UR '96 has gone back to training camp and now looks like a whole new game. Improved animation, new features, more plays and deeper more realistic statistics take Unnecessary Roughness '96 from also ran to Super Bowl contender.
This football simulation has all the basic ingredients that a demanding gamer would want. Accolade has turned this year's Unnecessary Roughness series into a game to be reckoned with. If you are looking for a good combination between statistics and action gameplay than UR '96 fits the bill well. If coaching and league play is your thing then sticking with the current champion, Front Page Sports, is a better bet. UR '96 just needs that bit of polishing to improve frame rate and its passing game and it will be the game to beat in football simulations.
Power Play (Mar, 1996)
„Unnecessary Roughness 96“ bietet Fans des Genres und Sports neue, aktualisierte Mannschaften, doch ein einfaches (kostenloses) Update hätte genau dasselbe erreicht. Sieht man davon ab, ist das Spiel gelungen, das schlechte Paßspiel des ersten Teils wurde ausgebessert und in Sachen Präsentation ist “Unnecessary Roughness 96“ ebenfalls flott durchgestylt. Wer einen der ersten Teile besitzt, braucht die unnötige 96er-Grobheit nicht unbedingt.
GameSpot (Jun 04, 1996)
Despite this game's clarity, color and beauty, Unnecessary Roughness, in the end, suffers from a lack of personality. The players tackle without feeling, the defenders just get in the way of thrown balls, and an extra point is basically a preset screen. Let's hope that the ‘97 version proves that beauty is more than skin deep.
PC Joker (Apr, 1996)
Optisch fällt der NFL Quarterback Club wegen seiner groben SVGA-Auflösung von 320 x 400 Pixeln ein wenig aus dem Rahmen, und beim Sound nehmen sich die drei auch nicht viel. Das Handling ist bei der Konsolenkonvertierung natürlich am einsteigerfreundlichsten. doch dank der gut gemachten dicken Handbücher stellt auch die Bedienung der beiden Sportstrategen nach der Einarbeitung kein Problem mehr dar. Unbedingt haben muß man freilich keines der drei Programme.
In all, this is a nice-looking game that provides an entertaining simulation of the NFL's rushing game, and not a whole lot more. It's a decent, albeit weak competitor of the FRONT PAGE SPORTS series. If Accolade can find a way to increase the frame rate and make passing fun, or even doable, again, UNNECESSARY ROUGHNESS '96 could be the base for a great series of action-oriented football games.
Unnecessary Roughness still ranks as one of the best PC football titles, despite it's drawbacks. But if you really want to play sports games, why don't you just go out and by a Saturn or Playstation, on which the best sports titles are found!