U.S. Navy Fighters Credits (DOS)

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U.S. Navy Fighters Credits


Game DesignBrent Iverson
ProgrammingScott Cronce, Nicholas Fullagar, Brent Iverson, Jeff A. Lefferts, Duncan Meech
Graphics ArtistsLaura R. Bowen, Nicholas Corea, Gary Martin, Michael Shirley
WritingDavid Luoto
ScenariosEd Gwynn, Steven Matulac, Peter Murphy
ProducerPaul Grace
Music and SoundDavid Govett, Adam Holzman, George Alistair Sanger
VideoMurray Allen, Mark W. Day, Marc Farly, Eric Kornblum, Jerry Newton
Video ActorsChopper Bernet, Steven Brown, Joey Chase, Russ Christoff, Tom Dryden, Rob Gnapp, Liisa Ivary, Robin Joss, Karen Kahn, Joe Lucas, Sean Skelton, Leslie Stevens, Edward Trucco, Michael Wright
Viode Voice‑OversPeter Callender, Tom Chantler, Rob Gnapp, Cheryl Hedges, Karen Kahn, Jarion Monroe, Joe Paulino, Bruce Robertson
Chernobyl Warning VoiceVera Swanson
German LocalisationPolyLang Berlitz
Quality AssuranceEd Ball, Brett Bonner, Dustin Brimberry, James Flores, Mark Franz, Jeff Hasson, Jim Hill, Andrew Hoffmann, Kevin Kushner, Thomas MacDevitt, Jeremy Mappus, Jennifer Mason, Rich Rogers, Michael Songy, Reece Thornton, Matthew Vella, Craig Bampton, Graham Wood, Thomas Rudowicz
Product ManagerFrank Gibeau, Simon Etchells
Package DesignDavid Parmley, Magnet Litho
Documentation LayoutBrian Conery, Chris Morgan
Documentation IllustrationAdrian Bourne, Lisa Undercoffler
Special ThanksStuart Butts, Buzz Hoffman
Animal Stunts Bosco,  Serpentium

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Credits for this game were contributed by formercontrib (159702) and Kasey Chang (3609)