USS Ticonderoga: Life and Death on the High Seas (DOS)

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USS Ticonderoga: Life and Death on the High Seas Credits


DesignMatthew Stibbe, Richard Evans, Harry Holmwood
ProgrammingPhilip Veale, Sunlich Chudasama, Harry Holmwood
ArtRichard Evans, Doug Telford, Andy Knott, Richard Guy, Alex Scarrow, Dee Jarvis
Additional 3D ModelsViewpoint Datalabs Inc.
MusicHarry Holmwood
SoundHarry Holmwood
Tools ProgrammingRichard Groves, Simon Parkinson, John Barker, Martin Fermor, John Merrells, Allan Murphy
ResearchLiz Dawes
Script WritingMark Giles, Richard Evans
ManualRodney G. Graves
Lead TesterAdrian Wood-Jones
IG Lead TesterIain McNeil
QA Project LeadChris Gaffield
QA TestingBrian Pinckert, Ken Pinckert, Eric Schumacher, Andy Sawicki, Shawn Kunkel
Voice Talent - Digital Voice Track Produced ByRob Wallace
CastJohn Gibson (Admiral Grayson), Jonathan Abel (The Captain), Bob Sorenson (Number One), Peter Hill (SEAL Team Leader), Paul Davis (US Crewmen), Johnnie Johnson (US Crewmen), Bruce Sandig (US Crewmen), Rob Wallace (US Crewmen; Iranian & Russian Crews), Steve Ouimette (Digital Editor), Tim Melton (Digital Editor)
Recording LocationJack Miller Productions, Phoenix, Arizona
Digital MasteringWallace Music And Sound, Glendale, Arizona
IG ProducerKevin Shrapnell
Mindscape ProducersLee Singleton (UK), Manny Granillo (US)
Mindscape Creative Services CoordinatorsKirsten Brengle (U.S.), Karl Fitzhugh (U.K.)
Graphic DesignersLeanne York, Myrna Peskin, Darilyn Kotzenberg, Bill Duncan (U.K.), Beeline, Inc.
Installer SoftwareHelpful Programs Inc.'s Instalit
DOS Sound DriversSoundstreamâ„¢ Audio System By Miles Design
Special Thanks ToClive Fort, Morven Sloan, Katherine Edge, Emma Jones, John Miles, Chris Perry, the Officers and Men of USS SHILOH, Neil Soane, Jim Mackonochie, David P. Grenewetzki, Jim Fisher, Bob Goldberg, Robert Lloyd, Ted Grabowski

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