Vengeance of Excalibur Credits


DesignRobert C. Clardy, Alan B. Clark, John P. Conley
Based on Script byCarol Manley, Ivan Manley
Lead ProgrammingJohn P. Conley
Associate ProgrammingMichael D. Branham, Alan B. Clark
Amiga VersionJames David Walley
Atari ST VersionChris Phillips
Macintosh VersionJames David Walley
Art DirectorRobert Stein III
Lead ArtistRobert Stein III
Additional ArtJeremy Jones, Linda Westerfield
EGA/Tandy ArtCurt Toumanian
Paper MapJeff Theriault
MusicChristopher Barker
Data PreparationMichael Ormsby
Quality AssuranceAnn Dickens Clardy
User ManualWayne Walker
Introduction byChristopher Barker
Executive Producer (Virgin)Stephen Clarke-Willson
Product Manager (Virgin)Catherine Anne Bartz-Todd
Associate Product Manager (Virgin)David A. Luehmann
Quality Assurance (Virgin)Lyle J. Hall, Seth Mendelsohn, Jeff Wagoner
Manual (Virgin)Catherine Anne Bartz-Todd, Lisa Marcinko

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Credits for this game were contributed by rstevenson (813)