Vinyl Goddess from Mars (DOS)

Vinyl Goddess from Mars DOS Game title


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Written by  :  M. van Hilten (5)
Written on  :  Apr 28, 2004

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Sexy Screen Goddess in the Steamy Jungle

The Good

The action, which is fierce, and the calm and resourceful way Vinyl handles all attackers. I also like the sounds, which are better than those generated by the game of her predecessor, Jill of the Jungle.

The Bad

The storyline is a little bit thin, but perhaps that was to be expected, and the ending is rather sudden

Should there not be a new "Jill" in the make by now, under whatever name?

The Bottom Line

a very enjoyable platform game with good music and sounds.

By the way - just out of curiosity - who stood (of should I say 'lay' ) model for the front page? I mean the lush brown curled beauty in high red boots......