Virtual Karts (DOS)

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Virtual Karts Credits


ProductionScott Spanburg
Production AssistantMichael J. McDonald
ProgrammingScott Elson, Michael J. McDonald, Scott Spanburg
Lead ArtistMax D. Remington III
Art DirectorBrian Martel
Additional Graphics / ArtworkMichael R. Bates, Gregory Foertsch, David Inscore, Bill Podurgiel, Katharine Seman, Guy Sparger
Design AssistantRich Millhiser, Chris Hewish, Mick Uhl
DocumentationChristine Manley, Ted Paulsen Jr.
Manual Design & LayoutJoseph Morel
Marketing ‑ USACarl Knoch, Paula Scarfone
Marketing ‑ UKSarah Danielson
Quality AssuranceChris Bowling
PlaytestingRobert H. Abe, Frank Brown, Charles Brubaker, David Ginsburg, Guy LaMarr, Vaughn Thomas, Dwight Tice
Sound ManagementKen Lagace
Music / Sound ProgrammingDavid Evans, Jim McConkey, Jack Miller
MusicRoland J. Rizzo
Audio EngineeringMark Reis
PhotosNeil Alexander, Ken Biggs, Alan Geller, Norman McGrath, Armstrong Studio Associates
Special Thanks ToTom Argy Jr., Brad Grey, Sammy Hagar, Bob Martin, Adran W. Meisner, Lou A. Orzechowski Jr., Curt Paluzzi, Debbie Poe, Stephen Robinson, National Kart News, TCM Racing, All employees of Shady Hook Speedway Street, Chestertown Speedway Chestertown MD, Employees of the WKA World Karting Association

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