The War College: Universal Military Simulator 3 Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Main screen and scenario selection.
An artwork introduces the scenario and the general who’s side you have chosen.
Pharsalus, starting phase. The armies of Caesar (red) and Pompejus (blue) take battle formation. All flags, symbols and arrows can be disabled for better view.
Austerlitz, overview with objective flags. The pull-down menu at the top of the screen can be used to access options.
Austerlitz, closest zoom level. The arrows and lines signify troop movements and target positions.
Austerlitz, different perspective. White lines and the text message at the bottom show fighting and its results.
Unit details. Important elements include morale and ammunition reserves.
Unit command menu.
Antietam, overview. The map can be rotated in 45° steps.
Antietam, rifle combat between Confederate and Union units.
Troop morale is important; it it’s broken, the unit will flee.
Combat effectiveness formulas can be customized.
Tannenberg, overview.
The game comes with an interactive encyclopedia for each of the four historical conflicts…
…containing both background information on the units and leaders…
…as well as on the battles.