War Diary Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

The player's base in the first mission. Notice the rain weather effect. It's not only for show, but also positively affects the fertility of farmland.
The player's base in full-screen (minimized interface) mode.
The fortress wall is not buildable, it's part of the terrain. Actually, the terrain in the game boasts more variety than Warcraft which was an obvious "inspiration" for this title.
Choson fighters wreak havoc in the Japanese outpost.
Japanese main hall goes down in flames.
Some beautiful scenery on the map.
A more advanced base from level 2.
Main menu screen.
Each mission briefing in the game has its own background image, displaying various events during the Japanese invasion.
Current mission objectives can be reviewed briefly during the game.
Unlike Warcraft and similar games, gold cannot be mined in War Diary. Instead, other resources need to be traded in exchange for currency.
Fighting the Japanese at the castle gates.
Weapons for your soldiers need to be produced separately. There are several types of bows and swords available. Also notice a peasant working at the blacksmith.
Units can be re-armed right in the field.
Fending off a Japanese raiding party.
A blinking red arrow means that this unit's weapon has been worn down and needs a replacement. Archers apparently run out of arrows rather quickly.
Attacking the Japanese camp.
Another view of the Japanese encampment, during the day.
In this mission you need to escort a prince to safety. The mission exit point is very similar to that in Warcraft, from which War Diary obviously draws inspiration.
Mission complete!
Shareware version splash screen.