WarCraft: Orcs & Humans Credits


ProgrammingBob Fitch, Jesse McReynolds, Michael Morhaime, Patrick Wyatt
Graphics / ArtworkDavid Berggren, Sam Didier, Roman Kenney, Ronald Millar Sr., Micky Neilson, Stuart Rose, Brian F. Sousa
3D ModellingJoeyray Hall, Ronald Millar Sr., Duane Stinnett
MusicGregory Alper, Rick Jackson, Chris Palmer, Glenn Stafford
SoundGregory Alper, Rick Jackson, Chris Palmer, Glenn Stafford
DocumentationDavid Berggren, Nicholas S. Carpenter, Sam Didier, Roman Kenney, Chris Metzen, Micky Neilson, Bill Roper, Stuart Rose, Brian F. Sousa, Jeffrey Vaughn
Executive ProducerAyman Adham
ProducerBill Roper, Patrick Wyatt
Acting / VoiceoversBill Roper
Manual Design & LayoutBill Roper
Manual IllustrationsStuart Rose, Sam Didier, Roman Kenney, Brian F. Sousa, Micky Neilson, David Berggren, Chris Metzen, Nicholas S. Carpenter
Public RelationsSusan Wooley-Sams , Linda Duttenhaver
MarketingKathy Carter-Humphreys, Steve Huot, Burkley Hanes, Debbie Caton, Fernando Paez
SalesRussell Nishida, Aprile Penhall, Helen Moriyama
Thanks toBob Davidson, Janice G. Davidson, John Patrick, John Goodman, Jeff Beaumont, Ralph Becker, Michael Albanese, John Sosoka, Pam Drake, Jenny Toney, Isaac Matarasso, Bobo the Wonder Orc, Suzanne States, Ronald Millar Sr., Private Pabst, Bunchy, Eskhandar, Salty Dog, Rider, The "Batman", M.B., Shannon and her white chocolate grapes, Frank Pearce Jr., Pretty Princess Gwendolyn, Susan Bezzina, Darlene & her hair, The Memphis Blues, Jason Thor ("God of Thunder"), Damien Russell ("Dangerous"), Vic's Car, Shane Dabiri, The Mang Mang, Christina Cade, The Poxy Boggards, Ray the Soda Man, Lala, Endicott, C.W., The Kitchen Sink, and you for reading this.

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Credits for this game were contributed by MajorDad (474) and WildKard (12126)