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    The polar ice caps have melted and the challenge to survive involves leading your atoll-dwelling tribe to find pure water, food, and the most coveted possession of all - Dryland.

    As the War Chief, your primary objectives are annihilating the enemy and ensuring the survival of your atoller crew. To do this, you must out-think and out-fight your foes in ruthless combat. The bodies pile up as you and your crew repel all invaders using cunning strategy and split-second timing. As the game progresses, build up your characters' abilities and strengths for more intense challenges.

    Manage resources between missions so you can spend more time devising your next attack. Maneuver your forces over 3-D rendered terrain and issue battle orders in real-time scenarios. Lead each offensive and defensive mission while fortifying your atoll using captured weapons and resources that strengthen your ocean citadel.

    Using never-before-seen footage from the motion picture together with new original scenes featuring the actual sets and actors, Waterworld brings you a whole new level of real-time strategy adventure. Remember, somewhere beyond the horizon, the legendary Dryland awaits.

    Contributed by Gene Davison (805) on Aug 31, 2000.