Waterworld Credits

Intelligent Games

ProgrammingSunlich Chudasama, David Parsons
Additional ProgrammingJohn Barker, Martin Fermor, Philip Veale
ArtworkDee Jarvis, Alex Scarrow
Additional ArtworkNeil Crosbourne, Richard Evans
Creative WritingMark Giles
UK TestingAnthony Kirvell, Iain McNeil, Lee Morse
Executive ProducerMatthew Stibbe
ProducerKevin Shrapnell
Assistant ProducerDarren Esp
Creative DirectorRichard Evans
Technical DirectorPhilip Veale
Briefing VoiceAlex Arkell
Briefing Audio EngineerMark Roberts
Recorded atTempo Recording Studios
With Thanks ToStephen Colberg, Liz Green, Lawrence Miles, Vincent DeNardo, Ali N. Atabek

Interplay Productions

ProducerRyan Rucinski
Director of QAChad Allison
Assistant DirectorColin Totman
IS TechniciansAaron Meyers, Bill Delk
Lead TestersMarvic Ambata, Darrell Jones
TestersStephen Reed, Frank Wesolek, Arlen Nydam, Evan Chantland, Anthony Taylor, James Harrison, Douglas W. Avery, Erick Lujan, Thomas Quast, Kaycee Vardeman, Shanna San Paolo, Rene Hakiki, Timothy Anderson, Issac Zambrano
Director of CompatibilityPhuong Nguyen
TechniciansMarc Duran, Derek Gibbs, Dan Forsyth, Aaron Olaiz, Jack Parker
Game Sound EffectsLarry Peacock
Sound Effects SupervisionGregory R. Allen
Voice DirectorsMichael McConnohie, Lisa Wasserman
VoicesSimon Prescot, Richard Epcar, Clynell Jackson III, Michael Sorich, Tom Wyner, Larry Peacock, Brian F. Christian
Recorded atMarc Graue Studios
Recorded byMarc Graue
Voice EditingSergio A. Bustamante II, Douglas Rappaport, Chris Borders
VO SupervisionChris Borders
Audio MasteringCraig Duman, Sergio A. Bustamante II
Installation SoftwareHelpul Programming Inc INSTALIT
Dos Sound DriversSoundstream™, Miles Design Sound Drivers
Customer Service ManagerHilleri Abel
PR ManagerStephanie Ramirez
Director of MarketingPaul Sackman
Associate Marketing ManagerStacy Bremmer
Traffic ManagerSteve Spandle
Packaging Artwork & Graphic DesignDavid Gaines
Manual Design & LayoutTracie D. Martin
Technical SupportHilleri Abel, Matthew Byrne, Mark Linn, Rafael López, Rick Sanford, Paul Dew, Alton Tuttle, Rusty Treadway, Brian Quilter, Brennan Easlick, Tom Gardner, Gunnar Christensen, Jennifer Purcaro
Special Thanks toAll the wonderful folks at MCA Publishing Rights, The Waterworld Filmmakers for their support and use of clips from the movie, Chuck Gordon, Nancy Cushing-Jones, Karen Davis, Dave Fulton, Noah Dudley, Gladys in Editing, Phylis The Negative Cutter, Niki and Sasha, And Various Addictions mainly But not exclusively smokes and caffeine and beer of course that finally helped get this thing out


Sound ByEFX Sound Design
EFX Sound DesignMichael Mancini, Francois Vlaignan
Foley ArtistsGregg Barbanell, Vince Nicastro
Foley MixersBrian Geer, Keith Rogers
Foley and Walla EditingCharles Deenen
Additional Walla EditingElisabeth Sleum
Movie Compression and ProcessingBill Stoudt
Dialog EditingChris Borders, Charles Deenen
MusicRichard Band
Music Editing and SupervisionCharles Deenen, Brian Luzietti
Music Editing AssistanceRonald Valdez
Music MasteringTom Baker
Mixed atEFX In Dolby™ Surround
Re Recording Mixing EngineersBrian Risner, Ash Sroka


CastR. D. Call (Enforcer), Zakes Mokae (Elder), Jack Kehler (Tallyman), John Fleck (Gregor), Vincent DeNardo (War Chief)
ScriptMark Giles, Steven Colberg
Live Action Segments Produced in Association WithInteractive Alliance Corporation - Carthay Studios
DirectorMichael Conti
ProducerVincent DeNardo
I.A.C. ProducerMackenzie Waggaman
Line ProducerDave Speaker
Associate ProducerLarry Davis
Script SupervisorEthlie Ann Varc
AccountantElizabeth Trujillo
Director of PhotographyMackenzie Waggaman
Key GripKurt Wolff
Best Boy GripSteve Dornbusch
GafferMark Whitney
Best Boy ElectricBrian Roach
Sound MixerDon Summer
Boom OperatorBryant Grizzel
Video TechChris White
Costume DesignerBarbara Gordon
Make‑UpTammy Ashmore
HairSue Maust
Production DesignerRichard Anderson
Construction CoordinatorRoger Kelton
Props and Set DressingTracy Townsend
Driver and SwingCharlie Dalrymple
Assistant Art Dept.Amanda Conti
Production AssistantsSteve Sloane, Darrin Jaques, Chris Darner
Off‑Line Lightworks EditorsAndy Horowitz, Philip Russman
On-Line Post Production Facilites Provided byWest Valley Studios - Chatsworth CA
EditorMarcus Weiss
Production ManagerRob Solomowitz

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17562) and mister c (22)