Wayne's World Credits (DOS)

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Wayne's World Credits

Intracorp, Inc

Executive ProducerLeigh M. Rothschild
ProducerDavid Turner
Quality AssuranceDavid Turner, Kathy Turner, James M. Wheeler, John Butt, Frances Pantello, William Pitt, Ivan Paganacci
Producer ManagerDawn Kozlowski
ConduitAmy Smith-Boylan
DocumentationIvan Paganacci

Robert Fiorini & Associates

DirectorRobert Fiorini
Game DesignBrent Smith, Kelcey Simpson
Head ProgrammerBrent Smith
Asst. ProgrammerRobert Fiorini
Graphic ArtistKelcey Simpson, John Garcia
Additional ArtDaniel Bourbonnais, Pam Tomkins, Don Tomkins
Music & SoundRob Wallace
Play TestingBob Clark, David Bauman, Randy Bullard

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