Wheel of Fortune Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

Opening Screen
Second opener showing the developers
Choosing the number of players
Returning players can choose their name from here. The Top Scores also display at the end of the game.
This screen shows what appears on the wheel
The Bonus Round
After losing the Bonus Round!
Main Title
Enter Your Name
Start Round 1
Enter a Letter
There is no 'S'
There are 3 'T's
Enter a Vowel / There are 2 'E's
OMG! Bankrupt
Only vowels are left.
Enter the answer
Applause!! Applause!!
Lose turn
End Round 2 and stand by...
Wow $1500
Wow, $5000. But "Already used" (Lose turn)
End Round 3 and go to the next Bonus Round
Bonus Round : Enter 5 consonants
Bonus Round : Enter the answer
Bonus Round : Applause!! Applause!!
Win on the Bonus Round!