Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego? Screenshots (DOS)

User Screenshots

DOS version

title screen - MCGA/VGA
the opening - MCGA/VGA
setting up a new game - MCGA/VGA
searching in Holland - MCGA/VGA
continue on to Russia - MCGA/VGA
title screen - EGA
the elevator at the office - EGA
beginning a new case - EGA
choose an action in China - EGA
searching in Holland - EGA
title screen - CGA
the opening - CGA
late for an assignment - CGA
leaving San Francisco - CGA
arriving in Peru - CGA
Inside the lab...
You can never get that dumb coffee machine in the lounge to work...
A fellow Acme agent.
France in the olden days...
Hey buddy, are you Indiana Jones?
Ancient China.
Checking out the files on the viles.
Another one of Carmen's crooks.
England in the days of yore...
...But now back to the future!
Elevator - In the lobby.
Elevator - In the basement.
Acme Detective Roster.
Hall of Fame - reserved for detectives who catch Carmen - right now it is empty!
Getting a new case. NOTE: This game doesn't suffer from the Y2K bug. :-)
Found an object!
V. I. L. E. Henchman!
This object belonged to an Incan ruler...
A V. I. L. E. henchman... And he's got a gun!
Inputting suspect info.
The suspect tries to rub me out with a catapult!
Caught a suspect!