Written by  :  James Walter (284)
Written on  :  Jan 22, 2001

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One of the best racing games I've ever played

The Good

I really just liked everything about this game. Although my computer was able to run the game in SVGA mode I prefered to use VGA because the game just ran so much faster and was even more enjoyable to play. The tracks are also well designed. They include everything from corkscrews to loop-the-loops and I found that occasionally if you hit a wall just right you may find yourself launched high into the air. I found this just plain bizzare when it first happened. The two-player mode is also fun which means that you can race against another human opponent on the same computer.

The Bad

Quite often during a race you will find that one of the computer controlled cars would drive the wrong way round a track. If you are winning a race and you hit a car coming in the opposite direction then you can risk losing your position in the race.

The Bottom Line

Overall Fatal Racing is an excellent racing game. The game runs well in SVGA but even better in VGA mode. Even though sometimes slightly odd things can happen like being able to drive through walls and end up landing UNDER the race track can happen I have had years of enjoyment out of this game.