Written by  :  Patrick McCarron (6)
Written on  :  Jun 28, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
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New Look on WC

The Good

The game is a unique twist on Wing Commander, putting you in command of a carrier. The ability to fly multiple fighters for either side, the strategy, the resource management, the ability to record taunts, and the unique fiction to come with the game makes it a definite buy. Plus, this game has the right sort of feel to it. You may get bored, but for some reason, you find yourself playing it again and again.

The Bad

The AI was only so-so, and the taunt maker was inadequate at certain points. The flight sometimes got a bit boring, and the strategy screen is difficult to work about due to the fact that, if you selelct a joystick as your primary input device, it only allows a joystick to maneuver the cursor around. I think a mouse would have been much easier.

The Bottom Line

I say get it. If you're a hardcore WC fan, seek this game out, since it contains a few ships seen in later games.