Written by  :  wossname (210)
Written on  :  Jun 27, 2000
Platform  :  DOS
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This game is ok but not worth seeking out

The Good

The graphics were a *lot* better than what we were getting with the original games. The 3d models were much better than those bitmaps. The strategy section was ok as well, but fairly easy and repetitive.

The Bad

The dogfights were made a little too hard to win (for some people) due to the shields of the enemies recharging so quickly. Then again, the shields on your ship did the same. At the time, though, I found it a little to easy. The tactics the AI used were very repetitive and I knew what patterns they were going to follow.

The Bottom Line

If it's in the bargain bin, go and get it, but it's not worth searching out. Cheap, repetitive gameplay I'd only suggest to 4000 A.D. fans.