Written by  :  WizardX (117)
Written on  :  Jun 09, 2000
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If you liked all the others...

The Good

The ship it adds, The Morningstar, *ROCKS.* It's my all-time favorite ship in the whole of the WC universe. The tactical nuke missile it includes is just too much fun. Plus, Maniac returns, after only hearing rumors about him for the past two games. The final cutscene\cliffhanger was just too evil, and set up a 3-4 year wait for WC3 to finally arrive.

The Bad

Hello, beta-testers? The game appeared to have gone through a rigorous half an hour of testing before release. You know you're in trouble when even the installation program might crash. (note: this doesn't apply so much to the Win95 Kilrathi Saga version, which is more stable and installs just fine) The plot also felt somewhat thrown together, and its climatic mission is a joke - fire off your nuke at the space station and you win.

The Bottom Line

What's to say? Like all the other WC addons, it delivers exactly what it promises.