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Back Cover:
    Wing Commander & Ultima VI: The False Prophet

    The original, uncut version of each best seller together on one CD!

    Wing Commander

    Intense, theater-quality starship action, with one big difference--You're in command! The fate of humanity is in your hands as you fly against the forces of the Kilrathi Empire. Your skills, your experience and your wingman are your only allies as you discover:

  • Unmatched 3-D animation in complex, exciting battle sequences.

  • Tactical dogfighting maneuvers--the Fishhook, Hard Brake, Kickstop, Tight Loop and more--all critical for your survival.

  • Interactive communication between a variety of wingleaders and wingmen--the ultimate in artificial intelligence.

  • Multiple viewing perspectives--Chase Plane, Tactical Missile, Tailing and more--with a player-controlled camera.

  • Dynamic action-sensitive musical soundtrack that changes the mood, pacing and tempo of the music to match the unfolding on-screen drama.

    "Stunning graphics, attention to game detail, a remarkable 3-D combat machine and well-simulated personalities move Wing Commander to the top of the arcade list." -(PC Magazine)

    Ultima VI: The False Prophet

    Journey once again to Britannia, a land of magic and adventure, to unravel the mystery of the Gargoyles in the sixth installment of the award-winning Ultima series. In this fully interactive fantasy world, bells ring, clocks tell time, cannons fire--and every object has a purpose in helping you discover the truth. If you can touch it, you can use it! Features include:

  • Stunning full-color graphics, vivid animations and captivating original music.

  • Additional shops, useful objects and mysterious underground terrain--a fantasy landscape of limitless complexity.

  • Multiple player personalities, fighting comrades, villains and weapons, that combine to make each quest different from the last.

  • Easy to use player interface for immediate enjoyment. Complex problem-solving opportunities for long-lasting fun!

    "...Exploring this richly detailed world will soon become an obsession rather than a mere pleasure. The graphics are extremely striking, as is the strong variety of characters you'll meet." -(Game Players Magazine)

    Contributed by Demian Katz (2318) on May 06, 2004.